New Arrivals

So, I’ve ignored this blog for a long time. Mostly this is due to the fact that some bad medical news has put my beer adventures on a hiatus. But, being the rebellious, lazy person I am, I bought some new beers last weekend I wanted to share.

First and foremost, I picked up 3 bottles of Firestone 2016 Edition of Stickee Monkee. Good luck getting a review on that as I simply don’t want to open it…yet.


Here are some of the other new beers (new to me) I picked up:

  • Dragon’s Milk (Barrel Aged Stout)
  • North Coast Grand Cru (Barrell Aged)
  • Knee Deep Tanilla (Vanilla Porter)

I’ll do a write up on these 3 soon but I’ll give you a preview. The Dragon’s Milk would have sold me had it been sold as a barrel aged black ale or lager. A stout, this was not. The Tanilla was well rounded but failed to really pop. The Grand Cru…well this beer hit on all cylinders and blew the head gasket. It was a bit too much. Too sweet and too boozy (13.9% ABV).

I have yet to try Maui Brewings Coconut Porter…and I swear I’m missing a few more. I will update with some real reviews later.


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