The Status of Hiking

Being this is The Drunken Hiker you may be asking, where are all the hikes? Well, there haven’t been as many as I would have liked. The last one I went on that did not consist of walking on city streets was a couple of months ago at Land’s End in San Francisco and Pigeon Point along the San Mateo Coast. Here are some images from that day.

I’m working on getting back into REAL hiking as opposed to the walking I have been ramping up this year. If I can make it up the Bitch soon, then I know I will be back in form (for those not in the know, the Bitch is the nickname my on again off again hiking buddy gave to The Joyce Trail in Santa Teresa County Park.) Here’s an example of the hilly terrain I’ve been dealing with of late…

Yeah…that’s a pedestrian bridge near home. I did get the chance to wander the beach at Santa Cruz 2 weeks back.

It was a gorgeous day at the beach and immensely fun watching my friend climb the cliff to get the shots over the beach. I promise, I’ll pay attention to the DH blog and maybe add some more. Been thinking of doing movie reviews again and maybe just some random mumblings.


New Arrivals

So, I’ve ignored this blog for a long time. Mostly this is due to the fact that some bad medical news has put my beer adventures on a hiatus. But, being the rebellious, lazy person I am, I bought some new beers last weekend I wanted to share.

First and foremost, I picked up 3 bottles of Firestone 2016 Edition of Stickee Monkee. Good luck getting a review on that as I simply don’t want to open it…yet.


Here are some of the other new beers (new to me) I picked up:

  • Dragon’s Milk (Barrel Aged Stout)
  • North Coast Grand Cru (Barrell Aged)
  • Knee Deep Tanilla (Vanilla Porter)

I’ll do a write up on these 3 soon but I’ll give you a preview. The Dragon’s Milk would have sold me had it been sold as a barrel aged black ale or lager. A stout, this was not. The Tanilla was well rounded but failed to really pop. The Grand Cru…well this beer hit on all cylinders and blew the head gasket. It was a bit too much. Too sweet and too boozy (13.9% ABV).

I have yet to try Maui Brewings Coconut Porter…and I swear I’m missing a few more. I will update with some real reviews later.